Judge Orders Sherri Shepherd to Pay Child Support for Surrogate


Sherri Shepherd has been ordered to pay child support for her son, who was born via surrogate. The star split from husband Lamar Sally in May 2014 after three years of marriage while the surrogate was pregnant, and Sally requested full legal and physical custody of their son, Lamar, Jr., who was born in August.

Shepherd declared that she had no interest in the baby following the split, but a judge ruled her the legal mother, and she has now been ordered to pay $4,100 each month in child support to Sally as part of their divorce settlement. It will increase to $4,600 when Lamar, Jr. turns 13 years old.

Shepherd originally claimed Sally had defrauded her when they signed surrogate paperwork, as he allegedly knew they would split, and she is allowed to pursue her case. If successful, she will not have to pay the child support.

She also walked away from the settlement with the rights to her in-development TV show Funny Mothers.


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