Arsenio Hall Slams Donald Trump: ‘Now I Don’t Feel So Good About Winning Celebrity Apprentice’


Arsenio Hall slammed Donald Trump on Tuesday, when the former “Celebrity Apprentice” star tweeted that he no longer felt “good” about winning Trump’s reality show. The message comes after Trump’s controversial statements about Mexican immigrants. In other tweets, Hall also nominated himself as a replacement host for “Celebrity Apprentice,” now that Trump will be busy trying to become president of the United States and NBC has cut ties with him.

As Gossip Cop reported at the time, Hall won Trump’s NBC competition in 2012, but the two men haven’t been on the greatest terms since then. In June 2014, for instance, when Hall’s late-night talk show was canceled, Trump tweeted, “@ArsenioHall just got ‘fired’ — the people spoke, ratings were terrible. The Apprentice brought him back from the dead, but he blew it!”

But now that Trump is under fire for his inflammatory remarks, Hall is the one not holding back. He posted on Twitter, “Now I don’t feel so good about winning Celeb Apprentice. It’s like winning a dog show, judged by Michael Vick!” Hall is not bashing the show, however, just Trump’s involvement, as he suggested the series continue with he and fellow former winners, Piers Morgan and Leeza Gibbons, at the helm. “Me, PiersM and LeezaG would crush it. Host by committee. Shark Tank Style,” Hall tweeted.

SOURCE: Gossip Cop – Andrew Shuster

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