Gospel Singer Earnest Pugh Asks Fans to Pray for Two of His Singers Who Were Hit by Drunk Driver

Earnest Pugh / Facebook
Earnest Pugh / Facebook

Today, Earnest Pugh posted on Facebook:

Soliciting your prayers to day for two of my singers @mr_far1ey and @angelsyngz who were hit by a drunk driver that crossed the medium and injured them after our ministry trip last night. The car is totaled but thanks be to GOD they are alive. Continue to pray that God guides the hands of the doctors as they are both hospitalized. Faithful is our GOD!

A few hours later, he posted this update:

My heart is heaving today. Would much rather be at the bedside of my singers (Angel Davis and Shamar Farley) but I am on this plane right now headed to Memphis, TN. Sometimes the weight and gravity of ministry does not allow us to do what we want but we have to trust that GOD IS IN CONTROL. This road is no joke, people. The enemy is NOT happy about the impact that we make on the Kingdom of GOD every week. ‪#‎PrayChurch‬

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