Police Officers Around the Country Gather to Honor Slain Cincinnati Cop


Police officers from around the country turned out Friday for a slain Cincinnati officer’s funeral, where city officials, family and colleagues spoke of his devotion to duty and love for his family and his city.

Hundreds of people packed Xavier University’s Cintas Center to honor 48-year-old Officer Sonny Kim. Police say the 27-year veteran was killed June 19 by an armed suspect who had made 911 calls and was seeking “suicide by cop.” The suspect was killed by police.

City Manager Harry Black called Kim a “true hero” and a model police officer.

Mayor John Cranley said the shooting was an act of evil.

“We have a lot of questions for God today. Our faith is being tested,” Cranley said. “Why did the good guy lose?”

Kim grew up in Chicago and moved to Cincinnati in 1986 to attend classes at the University of Cincinnati, police said. He was appointed as a Cincinnati police recruit and assigned to the police academy in 1987. Kim was promoted to the rank of police officer in 1988 and received 22 commendations in his career.

Kim loved Cincinnati and its people and was proud to serve them, said his brother, Mickey Kim.

“He was so proud to wear that uniform,” he said. “He was so proud to be part of that fraternity.”

A funeral procession was to accompany a caisson carrying the flag-covered casket to a cemetery north of Cincinnati for a private burial.

The public was urged to wear blue and line the procession route. Hundreds stood along the flag-lined streets to watch the procession. The 14-mile route ran through the heart of police’s 2nd District, where Kim spent much of his time on duty.

SOURCE: The Associated Press

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