Many Americans Have Lost Trust In the Church, But They’re Giving More Money Than Ever

collection plate

Americans may be losing their religion, but they’re still willing to fill up the collection plate.

A new report from Giving USA found that Americans gave a record $114.9 billion to religious groups last year, a 2.5 percent increase in current dollars (and a 0.9 percent inflation-adjusted increase from 2013). Religious groups received a third of total giving by Americans—the largest share of any sector.

Overall, Americans gave more in 2014 in inflation-adjusted dollars than they have since Giving USA began tracking numbers 60 years ago.

Included in that total is the more than $11 billion given to Southern Baptist churches—roughly three times as much as America’s largest charity, the United Way.

That’s despite recent reports showing a rise in the number of Americans who could care less about faith.

Still, many Americans are skeptical about organized religion.

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SOURCE: Christianity Today
Morgan Lee

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