Will Windows 10 Upgrade Be Free?


When Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 to the world back in January, it said the new version would be free. The fine print on that deal, however, has been anything but clear, with company executives twice making public promises about availability, followed by speedy backtracking.

First, there was the confusion about whether pirated copies of Windows would get the upgrade. Microsoft’s Gabe Aul said in a blog post that Windows Insiders — i.e. anyone with a Microsoft account who has downloaded a preview build of Windows 10 — would get a full, activated copy of Windows 10:

As long as you are running an Insider Preview build and connected with the MSA (Microsoft Account) you used to register, you will receive the Windows 10 final release build.

But according to The Verge, that post was amended by removing the words “and remain activated” at the end of the sentence. That removal led to a lot of confusion about whether or not Microsoft was again backpedalling on promises that Windows 10 would be free for users who have installed the preview software. Since the preview software will run on some Windows XP and Vista machines, Microsoft appeared to be cutting off hope that those users would get a free copy of Windows 10.

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SOURCE: Pete Pachal

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