Fundraiser Set for Go-Kart Man Who Lost Home in Fire


The man with a reputation for helping everyone else now is in need of help himself. 

Dan Davis, who made his block a refuge of countless activities for kids, lost his home in a fire on June 15.

Last August, Davis was featured in the Free Press for being a man of his neighborhood. Over a stretch of several vacant lots, Davis used more than 500 tires to surround a homemade go-kart track.

“It’s all fun to me. I’m just a big kid,” said Davis.

In his efforts to make his block on Washburn, near Wyoming and Grand River, a safe place for families to have fun, Davis also built a movie screen to project kid-friendly movies on during bonfire nights. He also set out a play set, weight lifting equipment and a sandbox for horseshoes.

But that was last year. This summer, things are a little different. The fire has destroyed most of Davis’ house, making it unlivable. Davis’ fiancée and his two daughters, whose room the fire started in, are staying with their grandmother.

“I’m not going to stop doing what I’m doing,” said Davis. “I’m still going to have fun. I got the little go karts out here and we keep getting better and better.”

To help with the damage the fire caused, Davis is hosting a fundraiser on Wednesday starting at noon. Children will be able to ride eight laps around the go-kart track for $3. Dinners, including fried and barbeque chicken, macaroni and cheese, baked beans and more, will be sold for $10.

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Source: Detroit Free Press | Ariana Taylor

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