21-Year-Old ‘Grandson’ Who Stabbed Virginia Pastor and His Wife Multiple Times While They Slept Is Arrested

Pastor Hugh Mayes and his wife Carol.
Pastor Hugh Mayes and his wife Carol.

Max Chisholm, the man wanted for stabbing a couple while they slept, was arrested Tuesday during a traffic stop at 18th and O Streets in Richmond. Chisholm was taken into custody without incident, the Sussex Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

Sussex County Sheriff’s Office alerted law enforcement and the media to be on the lookout for the stolen, blue, 2010, Ford Escape that Chisholm was believed to be operating. A Richmond Patrol Officer spotted the car and made the arrest, a U.S. Marshal’s Service spokesman said.

“This is another great example of how teamwork and interagency communication can bring a quick arrest in another very tragic case in the region,” Bobby Mathieson, U.S. Marshal for the Eastern District of Virginia, said.

Before the arrest, Chisholm’s family members provided background information on the 21-year old Cosby High School graduate who was the subject of a two-day manhunt.

A close family member, who asked to remain anonymous, called Chisholm a “narcissistic sociopath.” The family member said Chisholm was known to use people and then drift away. A psychiatrist called Chisholm one of the biggest liars he had ever seen, the family member added. The relative said most people found Chisholm charming and polite at first, but after several months, his true colors would emerge.

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Jake Burns and Wayne Covil

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