First Lady Michelle Obama says, ‘I Pray that Tragedies Like the Charleston Shooting Will One Day Come to an End’

Michelle Obama says she hopes that tragedies like the slayings in a historic black church in the U.S. South “will one day come to an end.” 

The U.S. first lady on Friday expressed horror over the fatal shooting of nine people during a Bible study session in Charleston, South Carolina, earlier in the week. She was speaking to hundreds of American troops and their families at a U.S. base in Vicenza, northeastern Italy.

Mrs. Obama said: “We have seen too many tragedies like this” and that there “is something particularly horrifying about something that happens so senseless in a house of worship.”

She added: “I pray for a community that I know is in pain with the hope that tragedies like these will one day come to an end.”

Source: The AP

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