‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’ Star Tamra Judge Talks Finding Jesus, Regrets Calling Co-Star “Jesus Jugs”

PHOTO: Tamra Judge is seen here, July 14, 2014.
PHOTO: Tamra Judge is seen here, July 14, 2014.

It is the season of Tamra Judge‘s redemption – after becoming a born-again Christian, she has found Jesus and it has saved her from a life of being a hater!

After losing all her friends and getting in fights with all her Real Housewives Of Orange County co-stars, Tamra recognized it was time to make a change. This season viewers will watch her get baptized. Facing criticisms that her new-found religion was nothing but a story-line to gain viewer sympathy, Tamra insists she has changed and it’s definitely real.

“I knew the journey I was on,” Tamra describes of wanting to make things right from her past. Although Tamra admits she has a long way to go – like figuring out how to attend church every Sunday – she claims she’s had a total “mindset change” since being baptized. “I think in the past six months I’ve felt like a new person. I’m not saying like, I’m perfect and I’m not saying I’m at church every single Sunday. I try to go every Sunday, I’m joining a Bible study …”

Growing up without religion and suffering from both low self-esteem and depression, it was a “personal journey” for Tamra to accept God into her life, but now she feels better than ever! And as an added bonus she’s a lot kinder and more positive.

Tamra found religion at CUT Fitness during her custody dispute with Simon Barney. “When I was going through everything I was going through, I was at work one day and this woman came up to me at my studio — she goes ‘would you like to go to church with me?’ and I said ‘yes,’” she recalls.

Tamra took husband Eddie and her children to church that Sunday. “My life just kind of changed, it was very powerful.”

After finding the Lord, Tamra insists this season will be a positive one for her and viewers will see a very different side of Tamra, who now has someone else to think about besides herself because she’s down with G-O-D. “I think that you will see me think twice about a lot of things that I do and kind of saying ‘what would God do?’” Tamra tells ChristianPost.com. “Majority of what you see on the show is all of us reconnecting. … I have a new granddaughter. I would say that’s probably one of my main storylines is becoming a grandmother. … [Also] my gym; I’m still in real estate.”

Of course now that Tamra is born-again she lives with some old-fashioned regrets. Namely her treatment of avowed Bible-bumping former Housewife Alexis Bellino, aka Jesus Jugs. In retrospect Tamra admits she never should have mocked Alexis’ faith, but at the time she had no idea how to be a good person.

“I think for me, I just didn’t know what a Christian was. When you think of someone being a Christian you think they don’t do anything wrong,” explains Tamra. “They’re not sinners, they don’t get boob jobs, whatever … and she was the epitome of Orange County in my mind, and I think I just didn’t know. It was pure ignorance.”

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SOURCE: Reality Tea – Mary

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