It’s National Lobster Day, So Here’s How to Make a Lobster Grilled Cheese

Paul Wagtouicz—Ambrose Beer and Lobster
Paul Wagtouicz—Ambrose Beer and Lobster

Take a break from the traditional lobster roll

The origins of National Lobster Day remain a bit of a mystery. But it doesn’t matter who decided to dedicate a day to eating lobster; the important thing is that it happened. We decided to take a break from the traditional (though excellent) lobster roll and hunt down a more unorthodox sandwich: the lobster grilled cheese. Simply put, it mashes two of history’s great sandwiches into one. At Ambrose Beer and Lobster, New York City’s laid-back seafood spot at South Street Seaport, chef Jason Mayer has mastered the combination and ensures a perfect, crisp crust on his sourdough bread by brushing the outside with mayo instead of butter. Here are the rest of the details:

The bread: A rustic sourdough, hearty enough to stand up to the hefty filling but sliced thinly enough that it is easy to crunch through.

The filling: The star here, undoubtedly, is the quarter pound of fresh lobster, but a heavy helping of gooey Havarti cheese mixes beautifully.

Mayer was also nice enough to give us his recipe, for anyone looking for a little lobster grilled cheese action at home today.

Lobster Grilled Cheese

Makes 1 sandwich


  • 2 slices sourdough bread
  • Mayonnaise
  • 4 slices Havarti cheese
  • 4 ounces fresh lobster meat (claw, knuckle, tail)
  • Salt


Heat a heavy-bottomed frying pan to medium. Brush the outside of the bread with mayonnaise. Layer two slices of cheese, lobster meat and the remaining 2 slices of cheese for the sandwich. Season with salt. Slowly grill until the cheese is dripping out of the sandwich and the bread is golden brown.

SOURCE: TIME Magazine / Noah Kaufman – Food & Wine

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