Singer Keri Hilson Blasted for Supporting Fake Black NAACP Leader


Singer Keri Hilson is feeling the wrath of Twitter after suggesting followers thank controversial figure Rachel Dolezal.

Dolezal is the Spokane, Washington chapter president of the NAACP thrust into the spotlight this week when her parents went on TV to accuse her of misrepresenting her ethnicity as black when in fact both her mother and father are listed as caucasian on her birth certificate.

“Let’s just all thank #RachelDolezal. Identity, pathological, & parental issues aside, she’s doing more than most of us do for ourselves,” Hilson wrote on Friday.

“I’m not sayin she doesn’t have serious ISSUES, I’m just sayin don’t knock her intentions or discredit her efforts. @NAACP stands by her work,” she continued.

Meanwhile, the NAACP continues to stand by Dolezal.

“We represent all civil rights issues, regardless of a person’s ethnicity. And the quality of the work that she has done to elevate the issues of civil rights in that region is what we applaud,” regional President Gerald Hankerson said in a statement.

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Source: TheWrap | Matt Donnelly

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