Father of Suspect Killed in Dallas Standoff says Gunman Blamed Police ‘for Taking His Son’

James Boulware
James Boulware

The father of the suspected gunman who opened fire on Dallas police officers this morning said his son had recently lost his home and custody of his child — and he had placed the blame on police.

“He said, ‘I got nothing left.’ He said, ‘I’ve lost everything I have, and I’ve got nothing left, and they’ve taken my son.’ And he did blame the police for taking his son,” James Boulware’s father, James Ray Boulware, told ABC News today.

Dallas police said the suspect, who died during the attack, identified himself as James Boulware, but police said they could not confirm the identity.

James Ray Boulware said his son felt pushed past his breaking point.

“We don’t have a justice system in this country. We have a legal system, and there’s a big difference, And without a lawyer, he could not get justice,” Boulware said. “We all have a breaking point and they pushed him past it.”

“Was he a perfect person? No. None of us are,” Boulware added. “But did he deserve to lose his son? No.”

When ABC News reached James Boulware’s mother, she said she was “so glad none of the police were hurt,” but declined further comment on the situation.

ABC News

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