Texas Police Shut Down Little Girls’ Lemonade Stand because They Didn’t Have a Health Permit, but They Find a Way to Sell It Anyway


Two little girls in Overton, Texas, figured out a way to keep their lemonade stand open despite being shut down by police for lacking a proper health permit.

Sisters Zoey, 7, and Andria Green, 8, opened the stand Monday to raise money to take their father to a water park for Father’s Day. But Texas law requires a health permit to sell certain foods, including lemonade, and police chief Clyde Carter told the girls to close the stand.

“I was a little confused,” Andria told KYTX-TV about the incident.

Zoey and Andria’s mother, Sandi Green Evans, said she was miffed about the ordeal.

“Their father works in the oil field and is gone a lot, so this is something they wanted to do for him,” she said. “They are both little entrepreneurs.”

Other people in the neighborhood were also frustrated.

“This was such an innocent endeavor that turned into all kinds of government red tape,” neighbor Nelwin Perry said. “It is upsetting, especially since I saw how hard the girls were working out in the heat.”

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Source: USA Today | KYTX-TV, Tyler-Longview

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