President Obama’s Former Intelligence Chief says Iran Nuclear Deal is Just ‘Wishful Thinking’

Former DIA chief Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Michael Flynn (photo credit: US government/public domain)
Former DIA chief Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Michael Flynn (photo credit: US government/public domain)

A former intelligence chief for the Obama administration on Wednesday tore apart an emerging nuclear deal with Iran, describing it as a “placeholder” suffering from “severe deficiencies” based on “wishful thinking” and warning that Iranian leaders would never give up their nuclear ambitions.


Speaking to the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn systematically criticized three key elements of a deal aimed at curbing the weapons aspects of Iran’s nuclear program: inspections of sites, the removal of sanctions, and how long the agreement would delay an eventual Iranian bomb.

“To begin, the nuclear deal, that will likely be concluded this summer, suffers from severe deficiencies,” he began. “Iran has every intention to build a nuclear weapon.”

The comments came as negotiators from Iran, the US and other world powers have raced to clinch a deal that would lift sanctions in exchange for curbed nuclear activity by a June 30.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has lobbied ferociously against the pact as it stands, saying it will “pave the way” to an Iranian bomb, and has repeatedly warned that the easing of sanctions would enable the Iranian government to continue sponsoring terrorism and fomenting unrest across the region.

Netanyahu’s objections have contributed to amped up tensions between Israel and the US, and particularly between the Israeli leader and US President Barack Obama.

Flynn, a former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, said Israel’s leaders may take rash action if it sees Washington drifting away.

Israel “sees its primary ally and patron becoming increasingly distant and a hostile power is rising against it, which may lead Israeli leadership to undertake increasing rash or desperate actions in an effort to secure immediate gains,” he said.

Iranian rhetoric calling for the destruction of Israel is serious, he warned.

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