WATCH: After 50 Years, Clearwater Christian College in Tampa Bay, Florida, to Close


After nearly 50 years, Clearwater Christian College is closing.

A message posted on the college’s web site mentioned the combined challenges of “…decking enrollment, increased debt, and lack of significant endowments or other revenue sources…” as the reason for the closure.

“We knew that maybe the college wasn’t thriving, but we never thought it was like dying,” said Ben Holmes.

Holmes graduated from CCC in May, and is now a youth pastor at Skycrest Community Church in Clearwater.

He said the college filled a niche in the post-secondary education field.

“What’s great about it is it takes those liberal arts and molds it around a biblical world view for us,” he said. “Especially the millennials, the chosen that are in college right now, like this is our time. So to lose that voice so abruptly is tough.”

John Chantry is only halfway through his college education, and agreed CCC was a deliberate choice.

“Most of the schools, they’ll have a religious studies degree, but they won’t have the specific degree that I needed to be a youth pastor,” Chantry said. “I felt that God wanted me to pursue this degree.”

Now Chantry said he is waiting for more divine guidance. He has already called another Christian college that told him most if not all of his college credit hours should transfer.

Holmes thinks Clearwater Christian College will help students find seats elsewhere.

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Source: My Fox Tampa Bay

FOX 13 News

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