Kirk Franklin’s In the Studio, Working on Another Record


Fans of gospel hit-maker Kirk Franklin, 45, are eager for him to return to the music scene with new tunes—something that hasn’t happened since 2011’s release of Hello Fear.

There’s good news: the wait will be over soon.

In a brand new blog post, Franklin confirmed, “I’m in the studio now, working on another Kirk record.”

While Franklin seems confident that the unreleased material is, in fact, good, he says he cannot alone take credit for that.

The “I Smile” writer got the input of trusted friends, who actually gave him a thumbs down at first, which made Franklin “go back and write four different verses to this new song I can’t wait for you to hear because somebody told me the truth.”

Although being criticized is not easy for any artist, Franklin does it for a specific purpose.

“Sometimes I have ideas that are a little left,” he wrote. “So, to make sure that I’m not looking stupid in my creative process, I am always asking those around me for their honest opinion about my songs and the creative vision I have for them.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
Pamela Harris

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