Are You Making These Mistakes When Storing Fruits and Vegetables?

Storing Fruits and Vegetables

It’s the unofficial start of summer! It’s a time of year when many of us consume more fruits and vegetables. After all, who doesn’t enjoy watermelon, cantaloupe and the proverbial corn on the cob? And we are more likely to drink fruit smoothies over the next few months than we are at any other time of the year. This is all good, since most of us don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables.

Now, I recognize that fruits and vegetables can be expensive and seem to spoil quickly. But I bet there are three things you currently are doing that if you changed, your produce would last longer and help both your health and your wallet.

It all starts with when you come home from the grocery store or farmer’s market.

Most people unpack their shopping bags and put everything in the refrigerator. In theory, that seems like a good idea, doesn’t it? Then why do we find a few days later our fruits and vegetables are limp, shriveled, or worse yet rotten? What went wrong?

Well, here are three common mistakes many of us make when storing produce.

1. Wash everything right away. If you don’t wash your produce before putting it away, you’re doing the right thing. That’s right. Don’t go washing everything as soon as you get home. Dampness encourages bacteria growth, so wait to wash your fruits and vegetables until you’re ready to eat or cook them. I know many folks are concerned about food poisoning, but as long as you wash them prior to consuming, you’re fine.

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SOURCE: The Huffington Post
John Whyte

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