Valve Launches Pre-orders For Steam Machines


Time to get Steamy. Valve today finally launched pre-orders for its much anticipated litany of Steam-themed hardware.

Plunk down for a Steam Machine, Steam Controller, or Steam Link today, and you could have them by Oct. 16 (weeks before the Nov. 10 launch date).

We should note, however, that Steam Machines—living room PCs designed for gaming, essentially—aren’t coming straight out of Valve factories. Any computer manufacturer can build a Steam Machine, which is really just a computer that runs the free Steam OS. Today, we got details on the first two machines available for order, from Alienware and Cyberpower’s Syber division.

These devices are fairly similar in their (initial) configurations, and both can be expanded with beefier parts for more money (naturally).

Alienware’s Steam Machine, available for pre-order on GameStop’s website, starts at $449.99 for a 500GB device running a Core i3 processor; 1TB will set you back $549.99. A Core i5 1TB machine is $649.99, while the Core i7 1GB is $749.99.

Click here to read more.

SOURCE: PC Mag, David Murphy

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