Mariah Carey Joins (At Least for a While)


It’s probably a publicity stunt, but we kind of love that Mariah Carey is on

The singer’s new video for her single “Infinity” features her on the dating site, searching for love. It turns out that her profile is the real deal, and Carey (whose split with husband Nick Cannon in 2014 shocked fans) is single and ready to mingle.

Let’s break down her profile, shall we?

She doesn’t mind being a cougar.

The 45-year-old chanteuse is seeking men “20-120.” Carey was married to music mogul Tommy Mottola, who’s 20 years her elder, from 1993-98. But Cannon is 11 years younger than she is, so we’re guessing that Carey is looking more along the lower end of that scale than along the higher.

Don’t forget that she’s a savvy businesswoman.

This is a woman who has plenty of product placement in her new video — including bottles of the perfume she hawks — and let’s not forget that all this began as a way to get even more attention for her new song. (There’s no word yet from Match on whether it’s paying Carey for the promotion.)

As if she didn’t already have us trying to figure out whether lyrics like “Why you trying to play like you’re so grown/Everything you own, boy, you still owe” are about Cannon.


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SOURCE: CNN – Lisa Respers France

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