Sakina Davis, New Jersey Elementary School Teacher, Accuses School of Racial Discrimination

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The lawsuit that a former public school teacher filed, claiming racial discrimination and retaliation, is going to trial on Monday, reports.

Sakina Davis, who taught at the Geraldyn O. Foster Early Childhood Center in Bridgeton, N.J., from November 2011 to December 2013, claims that colleagues made “racially hostile and harassing” comments to her during her time at the preschool. In a civil complaint filed in February 2013 at the Camden County Superior Court, Davis further claims that when she complained, the school’s principal retaliated.

According to the report, Davis says that she was called “nearly all of the time” to discipline black students at the school, even though the whole staff was meant to share such duties. Principal Christine Barlas allegedly said that Davis had to deal with black students because the school did not want parents “becoming aggressive” with the white faculty. Barlas also allegedly told Davis that “African-American parents did not have the same level of care for their students’ educational experience” as white and Hispanic parents.

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