Multiple Bomb Threats Made Against U.S. Aircrafts in Philadelphia

© Provided by CNBC
© Provided by CNBC

Multiple bomb threats against U.S. aircraft in the air and one on the ground in Philadelphia were made on Tuesday, according to NBC News. Government sources said the threats were not credible.

The threats, five in total, were similar to chemical weapon threats against aircraft last week. It was determined that the claims were fake, and there was speculation that the threats could have been made by an ISIS “lone wolf,” NBC News reported.

A U.S. Airways flight and its passengers were searched after the plane landed at Philadelphia International Airport Tuesday morning.

The airport confirmed there was an ongoing police investigation after Flight 648 from San Diego landed as scheduled in Philly, with 88 passengers and five crew on board.

In addition to the U.S. Airways flight, threats were made about a Delta flight to Atlanta, a United flight to Chicago O’Hare, a Korean Air flight to San Francisco and a Volare Air flight to Gudalajara, Mexico, according to government sources.

All planes except the Korean Air flight are safely on the ground—that one is set to land around 2:22 p.m. ET.

“The TSA Operations Center in Washington, DC had received a phone threat stating that there was an explosive device on the plane,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan told NBC News. “Out of an abundance of caution” the airport declared a bomb threat and moved the plane to a remote area.

Read the latest on the Philadelphia flight here.

The most recent threats come after Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said he reassigned the acting administrator for the Transportation Security Administration after earlier ordering improved security at U.S. airports.

It followed media reports that checkpoint screeners failed to detect mock explosives and weapons in 95 percent of tests carried out by undercover agents.

Source: CNBC | Everett Rosenfeld

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