IoT Home Devices Connected to Apple’s HomeKit Platform Roll Out


A handful of connected-home devices tethered to Apple’s HomeKit communication platform are rolling out Tuesday, just days before the tech company’s big developers conference here next week.

HomeKit allows Internet of Things devices such as thermostats and light switches to be controlled manually — or through voice activation via Siri — by means of an app on an iPhone, iPad or even Apple Watch.

HomeKit was introduced with great fanfare last year, and is a competitor to Google’s growing selection of connected products anchored to its acquisition of Nest.

The first five companies to launch HomeKit-enabled products include Lutron, iHome and Ecobee, maker, respectively, of lighting and shade controls, smart plugs and thermostats. Another gadget, Elgato’s Eve, captures and relays information about a home’s air quality, temperature and energy consumption. And Insteon’s Hub aims to serve as a brain monitoring everything from climate control to garage doors.

“We were looking into (making connected products) when Apple announced HomeKit, and given their similar commitment to providing a great customer experience we decided to go this route,” says Matt Swatsky, Lutron’s director of product management, who says for the moment only the company’s Caseta product will be HomeKit compatible.

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SOURCE: USA Today, Marco della Cava

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