Amid “Charlie Charlie Challenge” Craze, Pat Robertson Warns Demons Are Not Something People Want to Mess Around With


As more and more people around the world are “summoning” a “Mexican demon” by participating in the newest social media craze, the “Charlie Charlie Challenge,” renowned televangelist Pat Robertson warned on Friday that Demons are not something people want to mess around with.

In a special segment on Friday’s 700 Club program, the 85-year-old Robertson asserted that demons are real and should not be summoned by playing little-kid games, like the “Charlie Charlie Challenge.”

“Folks, like it or not, demons are real; they are not the figments of imagination. They are not playthings and they are certainly not parlor games,” Robertson stated. “There are demons. Jesus dealt with demons. There were demons at the very beginning when Satan carried one-third of the angels away in rebellion and they are disembodied spirits that are looking to possess people.”

Although Jesus dealt with demons, demons are not something that children — or adults — want to get involved with, Robertson explains.

“And for any little kids to begin to play these games — a lot of them used to do levitation and things like that and have seances — and think it’s cool, it’s not,” Robertson contended. “They are real. They are real and they will possess and they will destroy.”

“I know what the Bible says about it, but I am just telling you what I am saying about it — it’s real and they are real. They desire to destroy human beings,” Robertson continued.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Samuel Smith

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