Jewish Believer Sid Roth Seeks to Bring the Gospel “to the Jew First”


In April, Sid led a Jewish evangelistic outreach in Jerusalem in which 650 unsaved Jewish people came to his lecture on the supernatural.

After he spoke many Jewish people raised their hands to say they were healed. After Sid presented the gospel to them, he says, “Ninety eight percent of the 650 unsaved Jews stood to make a profession of faith in Jesus as Messiah.” Without a doubt, says Sid, “This is the most significant event in my 40 years of ministry.”

The biblical account of Pentecost and Paul’s missionary work may be the last time so many Jews in Israel received the Messiah. In fact, when Sid’s Messianic friend heard about hundreds of Jews receiving Messiah in Jerusalem recently, he simply did not believe it until he saw Sid’s video. There was an open door for the modern Messianic movement in the 1970s when many of the current Messianic leaders, such as Sid, received Yeshua as Messiah, but at that time, Israel was closed to the gospel. Now there is a fresh anointing to reach unsaved Jews, but this time Israel is open. Sid is passionate about reaching the unsaved Jews in Israel. He says the Jewish people are open to the gospel like never before. Sid’s new booklet, The Mystery Law of Evangelism Revealed, is available online at

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