As ISIS Strategy Is Failing, United States, Allies to Meet in Paris to Discuss Ways to Counter Militants


The United States and its allies will meet in Paris on Tuesday to discuss ways to counter Islamic State militants amid mounting signs that the current strategy is faltering.

The meeting comes as Iraq’s ground forces backed by coalition air strikes are struggling to retake Ramadi, a key Sunni city that fell to Islamic State militants last month.

U.S. leaders say their strategy remains sound but they are considering making adjustments that might more quickly boost the ability of Iraq’s security forces.

“The strategy is very clear and makes perfect sense,” Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told BBC World News. He said the Pentagon is examining ways “to increase our enabling of Iraqi forces.”

The Pentagon has described the military debacle in Ramadi as a setback but said it won’t knock the current strategy off-course.

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Source: USA Today | Jim Michaels

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