13 Suggestions for Moving Past Leadership Fatigue


Previously, I posted on “13 Signs of Leadership Fatigue.” Several readers asked me to write a follow up post about ways to deal with these signs. Maybe these suggestions will help you move past leadership fatigue.

1. Living by a “get me through the day” philosophy – You may begin the day with prayer, but surviving the day is your prayer theme.

  • Ask God each day to help you see glimpses of His work like an answered prayer or a restored relationship.
  • Actually watch for those glimpses. Trust that God will show you

2. Losing vision – Fatigued leaders don’t consider vision beyond the end of this workday.

  • While not ignoring the “big picture,” strengthen your vision for one area of the church about which you are passionate.
  • Talk to local leaders about needs in your community. Your vision will expand when you see again the world outside your church.

3. Developing poor sleep patterns – The patterns may vary, but in any case, you’re exhausted.

  • Read scriptures that address resting in God (e.g., Psa. 4:8, Prov. 3:24), and let the Word of God bring you comfort.
  • If the patterns persist, consider talking to your physician – just in case some other underlying cause is present.

4. Declining spiritual disciplines –Weariness leaves little room for anything like Bible study and prayer that requires “discipline.”

  • Reading one more verse a day or praying one more minute each day is positive. So, do that – read a little more, and pray a little longer each day.
  • Take a brief retreat from the needs of the people around you (Luke 5:15-16). It’s not only okay to get away from people to be with God; it’s necessary.

5. Repeating lessons and sermons – Finding something in the file is much less draining than the hard work of praying about and developing a sermon or lesson.

  • Invite a guest speaker for a week. That guest might have something to say to you while you rest.
  • Teach through a shorter book of the Bible. Its brevity will help you stay focused, and the intentionality of study will revive you.

6. Faking joy and excitement – Few actions are more exhausting than pretending to have joy you don’t have.

  • Bear your soul before God. He won’t be surprised by your thoughts.
  • Do something in your ministry that really does excite you. If it’s taking a church member to a ball game, do it. If it’s sitting in the woods and praying, do that.

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SOURCE: ThomRainer.com
Chuck Lawless

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