Gallup Report Finds Americans’ Acceptance of Sexual Immorality Is Growing

sexual immorality

Americans’ acceptance of sexual immorality is growing, according to a Gallup report.

When asked about the moral acceptability of a range of issues, five of the top six issues that saw an increase in acceptability were related to sexual morality.

The largest increase in moral acceptability from 2001 to 2015 was for homosexual relations, which increased 23 percentage points, from 40 to 63 percent. That was followed by having a baby outside of marriage (45 to 61 percent), heterosexual sex outside of marriage (53 to 68 percent), divorce (59 to 71 percent) and polygamy (7 to 16 percent).

Also in the top six for increase in moral acceptability was medical research using stem cells from human embryos, which increased 12 percentage points, from 52 to 64 percent.

Views on the moral acceptability of abortion did not change. From 2001 to 2015 the percentage of those saying abortion is morally acceptable went from 42 to 45 percent, which is within the poll’s plus or minus 4 percentage point margin of error.

Only two issues that were asked about saw a decrease in moral acceptability. The death penalty went from 63 to 60 percent (within the margin of error) and medical testing on animals went from 65 to 56 percent.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Napp Nazworth

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