School Officials Vote to Fire Teacher for Allowing Students to Have Sex in the Classroom

Quentin Wright

A DeKalb County Schools tribunal voted to fire a teacher accused of allowing students to have sex in his classroom’s storage closet, officials said Friday.

Quentin Wright, 25, of Decatur, Ga., was a coach and teacher at The Champion School, a middle school here. He was arrested May 19 and charged with four counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Police had received a call from parents who alleged that Wright was sending inappropriate text messages to their 14-year-old son, according to a DeKalb County Schools public safety incident report. Wright had made plans to meet the teen at the school on the morning of May 15.

The parents said they looked through their son’s phone and saw several inappropriate text messages from Wright.

Wright arranged times with male and female students when the classroom would be empty and gave them condoms, a warrant indicates.

The teacher was terminated from the school and a search warrant was issued for Wright’s computer, according to Quinn Hudson, a DeKalb County Schools spokesman.

“(Wright) was immediately removed from class. The school district acted very quickly in accordance with our protocol for dealing with these kinds of things,” he said.

Wright was removed from the classroom May 15, and by May 18 school officials gave him a letter stating that the termination process would be started, Hudson said. Wright voluntarily resigned May 19 just before being arrested.

Wright spent three hours in jail before being released on bond. A criminal investigation is ongoing, but no court date has been set.

Friday’s actions involved a three-member DeKalb schools tribunal that affirmed a recommendation that Wright be terminated. The DeKalb Board of Education will vote Monday to ratify, reject or amend the recommendation.


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