Pennsylvania Man High on Marijuana Accused of Attacking 5-Year-Old Girl at Day Care

© Harrisburg Police Michael McQuay. Harrisburg Police
© Harrisburg Police Michael McQuay. Harrisburg Police

A man high on synthetic marijuana smashed his way into a Pennsylvania day care facility and held a 5-year-old girl by the neck before a passer-by and police were able to rescue her, police said Thursday.

Harrisburg police charged Michael McQuay, 27, with attempted homicide and other offenses for the attack at Growing Adventures Daycare on Wednesday evening.

Investigators said a man who thought something was wrong with McQuay followed him into the business and was trying to wrestle the girl away when police arrived and subdued McQuay with a stun gun. They said he smashed through the glass front door to get inside and then began shaking children.

McQuay and the girl were covered with blood, but she was not hurt. She told police she could not breathe while McQuay had her by her neck.

McQuay, who told police he had taken synthetic marijuana earlier, required hospital treatment. He cut his wrists and hands while going through the glass door, police said.

Police said no one else was injured. His bail was set at $500,000, and online court records did not list a defense attorney.

The passer-by, who told police he did not want to be identified, said he rushed into the business when he saw McQuay holding the child and tried to talk him into releasing her before he resorted to using force.

Other charges against McQuay include aggravated assault, recklessly endangering someone, burglary and unlawful restraint.

An employee of the day care center declined comment, citing the police investigation.

Source: The AP

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