New Harvard Survey Shows That 74% of Black Students Felt Marginalized Due to Their Race

PHOTO CREDIT: Robert Spencer / Getty Images


Each year, the Harvard Crimson, the Ivy League university’s daily newspaper, publishes an extensive survey on the lifestyles, reflections, and prospects of the graduating class.

This year the Crimson staff devoted much of the survey to addressing particular topics of controversy the school has been facing, such as academic dishonesty, grade inflation, racism, and sexual assault.

The Crimson reported that 760 people, nearly half the Harvard College graduating class, completed the anonymous survey.

The Crimson asked about students’ personal experience with racial and sexual marginalization as well as sexual assault they or someone they knew had experienced.

74% of black students reported feeling marginalized due to their race, while 67% of students whose families made less than $80,000 a year “felt marginalized because of their socioeconomic status.”

45% of students in the graduating class who identified as lesbian, gay, or bisexual reportedly said they “felt marginalized” due to their sexual orientation.

The Crimson reported that 55% of seniors said they know someone who was sexually assaulted. Students who identified as lesbian, gay, or bisexual were reportedly twice as likely to say they had been sexually assaulted.

Two-thirds of female seniors and 40% of male seniors said that they knew someone who had been sexually assaulted.

Also 3% of men said they were sexually assaulted and 7% of women said they were unsure whether they had been sexually assaulted.

Harvard was found in violation of Title IX regulations by the U.S. Department of Education for its response to on-campus sexual harassment and assault in December.

During this academic year the university has been conducting meetings to restructure its sexual assault policies.

The Crimson said in the report that “a new University-wide sexual misconduct policy [has been] the subject of fierce debate” among students and faculty.

The Crimson also asked about students’ academic reactions to the cheating scandal that occurred their freshman year, as well as the accusations of grade inflation the school has been facing for years.

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SOURCE: Buzzfeed, Ema O’Connor

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