Teddy Campbell’s Prayer for Tina Campbell’s Debut Solo Album


Tina Campbell’s debut solo album It’s Personal experienced a delay for over two weeks but now that it’s officially in stores, her husband, Teddy Campbell, is explaining the importance of the record.

Teddy, the drummer and husband of one half of the gospel music duo Mary Mary, took to social media to speak up about the reasons he’s “super excited” about It’s Personal, which includes the examples of healing that are showcased in the record.

He took to Instagram to pray for the listeners of the record.

“Just like David wrote almost the whole book of Psalm out of his heart for God, this album was birthed out of a place of pain, joy, worship, praise, deliverance and healing. So now I pray and declare that everyone who listens will experience the same,” Teddy wrote. “In Jesus’ name receive your freedom and victory while this music plays. Let this album turn your mourning into joy in Jesus’ name. Be delivered and set free NOW IN THE NAME OF JESUS Amen! — Ted.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Christine Thomasos

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