Iyanla Vanzant to Help ‘Fix the City’ of Baltimore with Jamal Bryant


Updated May 26, 9:51 p.m. EDT:

A representative from OWN contacted The Root to state that OWN is not affiliated with Vanzant’s Baltimore appearance. Vanzant’s show does not return to the network until the fall and the Baltimore event will not be part of the season.


How many lives has Iyanla Vanzant fixed or tried to fix? From Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend to the man who fathered a ton of kids with a ton of women, Vanzant has been doling out her own version of tough love on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network for years.

But can she fix a whole city?

Since the recent uprisings after the killing of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, many community leaders and activists have spoken out about the police brutality and crime that plague the city. One of those leaders happens to be Jamal Bryant, the pastor at Baltimore’s Empowerment Temple.

Bryant is now teaming up with Vanzant to provide a healing over Baltimore with a three-day event at the Empowerment Temple.

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Source: The Root

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