Georgia Mom Arrested, Placed In Ankle Shackles Over Son’s Unexcused School Absences

Julie Giles

A Georgia mother and substitute teacher says she was arrested and placed in shackles because of her son’s unexcused absences.

Julie Giles reportedly wrote on Facebook that a warrant had been issued for her arrest after her son tallied 12 unexcused absences from school.

The total is six more than the Screven County school district allows. Giles argued that her son’s doctor re-issued a note for three of the absences, meaning she would be arrested over a total of three absences.

Giles said she was briefly placed in ankle shackles, with police saying it was normal procedure. She was released and given a court date in July, but faces jail time.

Giles said her son is an A and B student, but often misses school because of illness. Due to higher copays than she can afford, she said sometimes she must keep her children home without being able to get a doctor’s note.

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SOURCE: FOX News Insider

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