Canadian Christian Jeweler Harassed for Posting Sign Supporting Traditional Marriage Even After Agreeing to Create Custom Rings for Lesbian Couple

wedding ring

A Christian jeweler in Canada has reportedly claimed that he has been harassed by LGBT activists for posting a sign regarding traditional marriage in his store, located in Newfoundland.

Esau Jardon, the co-owner of Today’s Jewellers in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, has recently spoken out against the “nasty” harassment he has received from LGBT activists.

Jardon tells CBC News that the harassment began after he was visited by lesbian customer Nicole White, who sought to have Jardon create custom wedding rings for her and her partner’s upcoming 2016 nuptials.

Although Jardon agreed to make the rings, he received backlash from the local LGBT community due to a sign posted in his storefront that was noticed when White visited. The sign reads: “The sanctity of marriage is under attack. Let’s keep marriage between a man and a woman.”

Although White did not notice the sign at the time she put a deposit down for her wedding rings, a friend alerted her of the sign later and she asked that Jardon provide her with a refund for the rings, as she no longer wanted to patron his business.

Jardon recently told CBC that he had to shut down his Facebook page after receiving “really nasty stuff” regarding his sign.

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SOURCE: The Christian Times
Rebecca Bellecci

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