Brown University Gives Honorary Doctorate to Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross TWITTER
Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross, star of ABC’s Black-ish, was the recipient of an honorary degree from her alma mater, Brown University, in Rhode Island. Ross graduated from Brown in 1994.

“Call me Dr. Ross! I was awarded an honorary doctorate degree by Brown University, my alma mater, and I am humbled and thrilled! I know I’m not really a doctor now but I won’t belittle a moment like this. It was a moving and exciting weekend!” Ross wrote on her blog.

So what did it take to receive an honorary degree from Brown? Of course the school couldn’t write, “Because ‘black girls rock’” on the doctorate, so it gave another reason.

“In my degree, it says I was honored because of my ‘grace, talent and strong sense of self … work that combines detailed knowledge of human nature with boldness … a passion for facilitating self-expression and broadening the definition of what is beautiful … dedication to helping others, particularly teenage girls, find their inner strength, confidence and pathways to satisfaction … creating common ground with women of all backgrounds. … And a continued desire to push the boundaries of imagination,’” Ross wrote.

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