Pew: Homosexual Americans Far More Likely to be Atheists, Agnostics, or ‘Nones’


A new survey of the religious affiliations of lesbian, gay and bisexual Americans finds that they are far more likely to be atheist or unaffiliated than straight America, and also less Christian.

Pew Research Center said Tuesday that 48 percent of LGB Americans are Christian, another 11 percent belong to non-Christian faiths and a whopping 41 percent are “unaffiliated.”

Of those, 8 percent are atheist, 9 percent agnostic, and 24 percent have no religious association.

Among straight Americans, 72 percent are Christian, six percent belong to non-Christian faiths and 22 percent are unaffiliated. Of those, 3 percent are atheist, 4 percent agnostic and 15 percent have no association.

Pews said that about 5 percent of its 2014 Religious Landscape Study’s 35,000-plus respondents identified themselves as members of the LGB population.

The findings come as the gay community continues to push for approval of same-sex marriage, which polls show Americans backing.

The Washington Examiner

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