LeBron’s Teammates Say he Can Surpass Michael Jordan Now


Could LeBron James beat out Michael Jordan as the greatest basketball player of all time? Some fans think Jordan, at age 52, could still beat present-day James — but the King’s Cavaliers teammates weighed in with a slightly different opinion.

J.R. Smith, for one, said James is creeping up on His Airness.

From Cleveland.com:

“It used to be no question. It was a landslide. It was Jordan. Now, you have to consider my boy.”

And Kendrick Perkins spoke even more emphatically about the four-time NBA MVP.

“Right now we [the Cavaliers] have arguably the best player to ever play the game … I’m not taking anything away from Jordan, but all [James is] missing is titles … if he [LeBron] wanted to, he could win the MVP every year. Think about that. He averaged 25 [points], 6 [rebounds] and 7 [assists]. That’s absurd, and people are like, ‘he had a down year.’ That’s crazy talk. When it’s all said and done, he’ll probably be the best the game has seen.”

SOURCE: USA Today FTW! – Avery Stone

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