Director of Christian Aid Mission Returns from Delivering Cash and Supplies in Quake-hit Nepal

Sarla Rana
Sarla Rana

Albemarle County-based Christian Aid Mission is thanking its supporters for the relief they’re providing to people in earthquake-ravaged Nepal. The mission’s South Asia director, Sarla Rana, is back from delivering cash and supplies to the dozen ministries supported by the nonprofit.

For Rana, a native of Nepal, the effort is personal. Her family is scattered across the country; upon learning her family was OK, she says her focus quickly turned to the indigenous organizations supported by Christian Aid Mission.

“I just knew I had to go there – even though I couldn’t personally do a whole lot, but just me being there and showing how much we care,” she stated.

She made the 13-hour plane trip to Kathmandu a week after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the country last month.“It was rather emotional to go back and see the city we grew up seeing and had come to love,” she stated. “And to see people suffering in that way was really hard as a native Nepali,” Rana spent a week traveling with the ministries supported by Christian Aid Mission to deliver bags of rice, medication, and supplies for shelter to villages five hours from the capital city.

“I felt united with my country people – just being there, touching them, just hugging them and crying with them in their time of grief.”

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