Baltimore Faces Deadliest Month in 16 Years – 26 Shootings, 9 Murders Over Holiday Weekend


It’s been a violent  72 hours in Baltimore after a surge of shootings–some deadly across the city.

Amy Yensi has more.

Police say 26 people were shot, 9 of them killed over this weekend, adding to the  record-breaking violence.

New police video of a person of interest in Sunday’s deadly shooting in Druid heights. It’s one of several active investigations following a Memorial Day weekend riddled with gun violence across Baltimore City.

From one district to the next leaving 26 people shot and 9 dead.

Councilmember Mary Pat Clarke links the violence to a city still reeling from weeks of unrest.

“It was an earthquake kind of time and i think we’re still dealing with the aftershock,” she says.

The latest victims died early Monday morning. In the Western District a memorial marks the spot where a man and a woman were shot. The man later died, the woman is in critical condition.

North from there, a triple shooting. A man dies after he’s shot in the chest. Then cops discover two other males shot in the incident, including a 17 year old, after they walked to a local hospital.

Neighbors in Govans describe this as a quiet community and say they’re surprised the gun violence spilled into their streets.

“It’s scary because I’ve got kids. I don’t want anything to happen to my kids, especially around here. It’s a peaceful neighborhood,” one person said,

In the Eastern District traces of dry blood after a man is shot in the head and left in critical condition.

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Source: CBS Baltimore

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