New Firefox OS Strategy to Focus on ‘Quality’ Over Price


After a failed attempt to make a dent in Google’s Android mobile operating system, the search giant’s former web browser partner, Mozilla, is bringing in a brand new strategy. Instead of offering a platform with lower pricing, the new build of Firefox OS reportedly focuses on quality over others, including affordability.

Mozilla introduced the Firefox OS smartphones with ultra-low price tag of $25 in 2013. It was launched with an overwhelming publicity, but surprisingly, it failed to attract a decent amount of users, and analysts blame Android’s steady popularity. The non-profit organization thought it could start hurting Android’s market share by bringing the affordable OS to developing countries, but it turns out customers there prefer an operating system with decent quality, more popular manufacturer choices, and with support for more apps.

In an e-mail to Mozilla project partners, Chief Executive Chris Beard was too honest to admit that the $25 pricing strategy has no sufficient traction, so it “will not pursue all parts of the program.” Beard said the replacement program would deliver devices that people want to buy, not because it’s cheap, but because they want to experience it.

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SOURCE: Matt Dayo

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