Christian Youth Charity “Homes for Hope” Seeks to Build 25 Homes In Mexico Over Memorial Day Weekend

(PHOTO: YWAM SAN DIEGO/BAJA) Volunteers gather for a "Homes for Hope" project.
Volunteers gather for a “Homes for Hope” project.

A California-based Christian youth charity is seeking to build 25 homes for the poor in Mexico over the span of only two days.

Known as “Homes for Hope,” the San Diego chapter of Youth With a Mission’s project, will focus on building 25 homes in Mexico during Memorial Day weekend.

Sean Lambert, founder and president of YWAM/San Diego, told The Christian Post that the largest number of houses his charity has ever built in two days before this project was 13.

“We knew building 25 homes in a 48-hour window was going to be challenging, but all along the way, God just seemed to bless the idea,” said Lambert.

“We have 440 volunteers signed up to build along with a 150 of our full-time staff coordinating everything. It’s a massive effort but it’s really fun and a joy to see it all come together.”

Lambert and his wife founded YWAM back in 1990 and since then the organization boasts of building over 5,000 houses for the less fortunate in 19 countries.

For their Memorial Day weekend project, YWAM has among its volunteers several notable Olympic athletes, businessmen, and authors.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Michael Gryboski

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