Woman Sues State of New Jersey for Rejecting ‘8THEIST’ License Plate but Accepting ‘BAPTIST’

8THEIST license plate

A New Jersey woman recently filed a lawsuit against the state for refusing to accept her “8THEIST” license plate suggestion, but allowing her to have the vanity plate that reads “BAPTIST.”

Shannon Morgan of Leesburg recently won the right in a local district court to sue the state for rejecting her “8THEIST” license plate in 2013 on the grounds that the vanity plate’s lettering was “considered objectionable.”

As NJ.com reports, a district court determined this week that Morgan does have the right to sue New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission over the license plate incident.

The state’s Motor Vehicle Commission had previously argued that Morgan did not have the right to sue because it determined that the “8THEIST” license plate would be approved if she submitted her application request by mail.

Morgan’s lawyers argued that the state agency still has not modified its policy regarding the submission of nonreligious license plates via its online forum.

“We’re thrilled with the decision,” Jon Green, Morgan’s attorney, said in a statement regarding this week’s court ruling. “We’re saying its censorship of viewpoint and Judge Wolfson basically said you can’t do that.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Times
Veronica Elliot

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