Nation’s First Bisexual Governor Signs Bill Banning Conversion Therapy for Children In Oregon

Gov. Kate Brown signs the bill into law
Gov. Kate Brown signs the bill into law

Oregon is now the third state in the country to ban so-called “gay conversion therapy” after Gov. Kate Brown signed legislation outlawing the practice.

The measure makes it illegal for social workers or licensed mental health professional to practice therapy treatments purporting to change the sexual orientation of children younger than 18.

The practice has been widely panned by critics who say it can lead to depression and anxiety in youths.

President Obama has said he supports legislation barring the treatment and similar laws have been enacted in California, New Jersey and Washington, D.C.

Supporters of the therapy have said the ban takes away parental choice.

Brown, who is the nation’s first bisexual governor, signed the measure Monday. A signing ceremony is scheduled for Thursday.

SOURCE: The Associated Press

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