Michelle Obama, Joel Osteen Speak at Summit Honoring Military Veterans and Their Caregivers


Pastor Joel Osteen, congressional leaders and invited guests attended the Hidden Heroes: Focus on Faith breakfast reception Thursday morning at the Russell Senate Office Building.

Organized by the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, the reception honored military and veteran caregivers and focused on interfaith and congressional leadership.

Speakers included Senators Elizabeth Dole, John McCain, Jack Reed, Johnny Isakson, Congressman Jeff Miller, Leader Nancy Pelosi and special guest Pastor Joel Osteen.

Pastor Osteen, who is an Ambassador for the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, has been working with the faith community to raise awareness of the challenges military caregivers face.

“What Mr. Osteen is doing is just tremendous,” said Senator Dole.

In a year’s time, “we are going to be better at what we do, we are going to have more churches involved, and our programs are going to be better,” said Pastor Osteen.

According to Senator Dole, everyone in the Foundation’s National Coalition “has been working together, no pride of ownership, to pull together these wonderful caregivers. They are heroes too, just like the wounded.”

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SOURCE: Murugi Thande

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