Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Criticized for Signing Religious Freedom Order

Bobby Jindal
Bobby Jindal

Critics are blasting Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal for his executive order protecting individuals and businesses that have a religious objection to participating in a same-sex marriage ceremony.

Jindal issued the order Tuesday after a committee in the state Legislature overwhelmingly killed a bill that would have had the same effect. A combination of advocacy and business groups opposed the measure and several Republicans voted agiainst it.

As written, Jindal’s order forbids state agencies from denying individuals, businesses, and nonprofits any licenses, benefits, jobs or tax deductions because of action taken due to religious belief that marriage should be between a man and woman.

Opponents charge Jindal’s order oversteps his authority. But the governor’s spokesman, Mike Reed, said it “does not create new law. It protects religious liberty as provided in our Constitution.”

Others say Jindal issued the order to curry favor with religious conservatives ahead of a planned predsidential bid.


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