Letter Mailed to Black Family in Lindenhurst, NY, Says, ‘This Town is 84% White. You Should Leave!’


A shocking display of racism in Lindenhurst is making its way across social media Friday.

A anonymous letter mailed to an African-American family in the Long Island community implores the family to leave town because of their skin color.

“Lindenhurst is 84% white population. You don’t belong here!!!,” the appalling letter reads.

Ronica Copes, the Lindenhurst woman who opened the letter, which is postmarked May 19 and appears to show “Lindenhurst Community” as the return sender, posted it on her Facebook page Thursday afternoon and it has quickly garnered more than 1,500 shares.

Copes wrote on Facebook: “Sooooo, I’m checking my mail and when I come across this I can’t help but laugh..wait, it’s not funny though. Where they do that at? Oh yeah Lindenhurst. Unbelievable but then it’s not…our daily reality, I’ve just never seen it in this form.”

The letter, which officials told Patch was sent to a home on Davenport Street, urges the family to “please leave Lindenhurst as soon as you can” and “find the town where there are more people like you.” It concludes, “Sorry if this is rude, but it’s the truth.”

The Suffolk County Police Department says it has been made aware of the letter.

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Patch.com, Lindenhurst

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