Ted Cruz Tells Gathering of Pastors That Many Republican Politicians Are Afraid to Participate In Debates Over Religious Freedom, Homosexual Marriage

Ted Cruz

Many Republican politicians are afraid to engage in the debates over religious freedom and gay marriage, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz told a gathering of pastors in Washington, D.C., adding that some of them are even running for president in 2016.

Over 600 were in attendance at the Watchmen on the Wall conference hosted by the Family Research Council.

Cruz, who represents Texas in the U.S. Senate, was discussing the recent debate over passage of a Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana. Most Democrats opposed the bill while also, as The Christian Post reported at the time, misrepresenting it. Cruz correctly noted that the bill was “substantively identical” to the federal RFRA, which passed the Senate with 97 votes, passed the House unanimously and was signed by President Bill Clinton.

The federal RFRA “received the support of such famed right-wing nut cases as Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden,” Cruz sarcastically joked.

Cruz then noted that Democrats changed their position on RFRA after it was opposed by certain gay marriage advocates.

“The modern Democratic Party, working hand-in-hand with big business, decided their allegiance to gay marriage trumps any devotion to religious liberty,” he said.

Worse still, he immediately added, many Republicans were unwilling to defend religious freedom when it collided with the agenda of gay rights activists.

“I’m going to tell you something that was even sadder,” he continued, “was just how many Republicans ran for the hills.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Napp Nazworth

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