Suspect in D.C. Quadruple Homicide and House Burning Arrested

A suspect charged in the killing of three family members and a housekeeper last week in a $4.5 million mansion in Washington, D.C., was taken into custody late Thursday, police said.

Daron Dylon Wint, age 34, of Maryland was taken into custody in Northeast D.C., Chief Cathy Lanier confirmed.

Wint was named in an arrest warrant charging him with first-degree murder while armed.

Earlier, Washington police said they believed Wint fled Washington for New York City, but the had not ruled out the possibility that others might be involved in the brutal killings.

Police are looking into the possibility that Wint took a bus to New York at some point, stayed with his girlfriend Wednesday night and left during the early morning, WNBC-TV reports.

“We do believe the person (Wint) was in Brooklyn at some point,” said Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce, The Daily News reports. “He has some relatives and some friends here.”

Savvas Savopoulos 46, his wife, Amy, 47, their son, Phillip Savopoulos, 10, and housekeeper Veralicia Figuaroa, 57, were found dead on May 14 at the family’s home near the National Cathedral in Northwest D.C.

Police said the victims — held for two days — were beaten or stabbed before the killer or killers set fire to the house.

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