Google Partners With Skrillex to Launch Smart Cases for Android Smartphones


Google Inc will now offer smart cases for your smartphones, and the internet firm has partnered with Grammy-winning producer Skrillex to develop the cases. On Wednesday, Google unveiled the first set of cases for some Nexus and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. smartphones. The cases are called “Editions,” and were designed by DJ Skrillex.

Attractive cases from Google
If it’s Google, it certainly has to be different, so the cases from Google will connect with the devices and automatically change the screen wallpaper. During the daytime, the wallpaper will show earth pictures as seen from satellites launched by Google specifically for this project. And in the night, the wallpapers will show constellations visible to the phone. For the project, Skrillex himself launched the satellite, which is named after his dog Nanou.

Along with the wallpapers, the case will also have a unique button that will by default make available Skrillex’s YouTube feed, but a user can also customize the button to work as a camera shutter or a shortcut to any specific app, etc.

“The Skrillex Live Case connects to your phone to bring you VIP access to Skrillex content and a companion live wallpaper that extends its design onto the screen,” Google said in a blog post.

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SOURCE: Value Walk, Aman Jain

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